February 2022


We are thrilled to include two of Italy and Sonoma’s finest wines as part of your February Vigneron Collection shipment: the 2018 Tenuta di Arceno Il Fauno di Arcanum Toscana IGT and the 2018 Anakota Helena Montana Cabernet Sauvignon from Knights Valley.


Tuscany, Italy, 2018

With combined powerful qualities of the 2015 vintage and brilliant structure seen in 2016, the 2018 Il Fauno di Arcanum is an elegant wine with a strong backbone. In Tuscany, warm days and cold nights flawlessly ripened the grapes and ushered in a wonderful harvest. Soil enriched with clay and good water retention contributed to the exceptional harvest in 2018. This beautifully layered Bordeaux-style blend embodies the diversity of the estate and can be savored for many years to come.

Knights Valley, Sonoma County, 2018

Replenishing winter rains ushered an exceptional start to the 2018 growing season in Knights Valley, Sonoma County, leading to nearly perfect fruit-set throughout a cool spring. Warm weather and bright sunshine settled in by June, but the nights remained very cool, and the season progressed without any major heat spikes. These ideal conditions delivered even ripening of tannins, sugar levels, and acidity. The 2018 Helena Montana is a tour de force of varied fruit and non-fruit flavors, wrapped around a powerful core, teeming with firm tannin and mouth-watering freshness.